LOVING AND LOATHING #2 September 25 2014, 0 Comments

Here's what we're loving and loathing this month...


Boots - Autumn is my favourite season, and for the past two years I've been on the hunt for the perfect black ankle boot. (A chunky heeled Chelsea boot - nothing to western, and please don't cut into my cankles!) It's taken me a while, but then I discovered these boots from Ganni. Far more than I'm comfortable paying, but ASOS had a voucher code, and I'm weak (Plus, I've been hunting for like two years... that's a lot of time I've spent hunting for these!)

Studs - Despite being a total jewellery fiend, I very rarely wear earrings (aside from the 'Bohemian years' where I was attempting that whole Sienna Miller thing, and had earrings most fortune tellers would have been jealous of). However, I've rekindled my love with the stud, (I mean the earrings, ladies, stop that filth!). I went a little mad in the Urban Outfitters sale on tiny little earrings, and I've barely taken these little triangles off!

Topshop Lip Bullet in Heartbeat - My current go-to lipstick (anyone else have copious numbers of lipstick, but only really wear one?) It's still a little summery, but I'm not quite ready for an Autumn berry lip yet (besides, they make my teeth look yellow). This lipstick even survived Mexican food, and if you saw me messily eat a fajita, you'd know how impressive that is.


Season Change skin breakout - My skin is rebelling, It's dry, spotty and greasy all in one. I blame this on the changing of the seasons, I realise the two things are probably quite unrelated, but I like to have an excuse for these breakouts to make me feel better. Any of you guilty of this? I also blame long haul flying and extreme cold weather, it couldn't possibly be my lack of water-drinking and carb-fests...

Moschino's Barbie phone case - Just no. I'm all for a novelty iPhone case but this is too far for me. Firstly, it's a highly impractical, non-handbag friendly shape which bothers me (I'm 28, going on 55) but secondly, it's £45. If you want a novelty phone case, get yourself a Minion on ebay for £3.

Mugginess  - It looks cold outside right? So why, by the time I arrive at work after a 20 minute walk in my leather jacket, am I sweating so much? Not cool bro.