AUTUMN ESSENTIALS October 31 2014, 0 Comments

Autumn is by far my favourite season, but it's always over too soon. As much as I love summer for being social and getting outside, I'm much more content in a jumper and boots than shorts and sandals. And by the time the freezing temperatures of Winter arrive, I'm far too concerned with not falling over and staying warm to concern myself with looking stylish at the same time. Autumn is ideal scarf wearing season, and we're all agreed that the scarf is the ultimate accessory right?

Here are my Autumn essentials, I buy a variation of these items every October...

1. Asos Oversize Scarf £18 - We all need an oversized scarf (or 6) in our lives. They also double as a handy granny blanket for those of you who work in an attic with no heating, like me...

2. Bertie Panola Grey Boots £69 from £115 - These are helping me branch out of my black boot comfort zone. I'm okay with tan, and grey, don't push me too far.

3. Triangle Studs £8 - Oh hello shameless self promotion! I've told you how much a love a stud before (easy, tiger) and these are favourites.

4. Mighty Oak Leaves £12 - If you can't wear leaves in your hair in autumn, when can you? Also available in silver if you're that way inclined.

5. Military Shirt £22.99 - Is it a shirt? Is it a lightweight jacket? It's both, and I love it. This New Look one is a really lovely fabric for a really reasonable price, I know, because I bought it.

6. Tan Leather Shopper £38 - It's impossible to own too many tan bags. I mean, if there was a better colour, I'd be on it, but there's not. Timeless and goes with everything.

7. Hazard Lipstick £8 - A bit berry, but not too berry, because I have a tendancy to look gothic, and it can make teeth look yellow. (Gross.) This is just the right shade for my pasty face and yellowing teeth.

8. Topshop Denim jacket £45- Controversially, I'm going to say I prefer it to a leather jacket. (I'll change my mind again though, because I'm really fickle.)