SHOP INDEPENDENT THIS CHRISTMAS November 13 2014, 0 Comments

Image from the lovely, talented

Last week this image caught my eye on twitter and straight away I knew I wanted to get involved! I don't think I need to do too much explaining about the thinking behind it, but in short, shopping with independents is good for you. It's good for the economy, it's good for the soul, and best of all they have the coolest stuff.

I'd love to say that I was doing 100% of my Christmas shopping through independent stores, but realistically, I'll inevitably end up doing a cheeky last minute rush to Tesco to purchase the in-laws dog a stocking. 100% may be a little ambitious, but I'm aiming to do 75% of my Christmas shopping through independent shops, and I'd encourage you to do the same, maybe not 75% but to just consider options outside of those huge retail giants.

Christmas shopping is genuinely my favourite part of Christmas, I love trawling the internet and high street in search of the perfect gift. Finding something that you know will make someone you love smile, really does make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It might sound soppy, but it's true, I get the same feeling when I hear really lovely feedback from a customer, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. (Just call me the Christmas fairy)

If you don't know where to start with your Christmas shopping, I've picked some of my favourite indie stores as a starting point...


1. Pineapple earrings from Little Nell £12 - What better way to cheer someone up during the dull winter months than with pineapple earrings?

2. Magazine rack from Moonko £22 - Also doubles as a handy rack for giant toast

3. Cloud coasters from Pygmy Cloud £14.50 - I own these, because they're awesome

4. Wall planner from Lollipop Designs £15 - For the chronic organiser, (or for someone in need of organisation...)

5. Mountain print from Leaf City Press £35 - Know someone who has just moved? This would make a lovely house-warming/Christmas gift

6. Danish stamps from Present and Correct £45 - This is just 1 from 100s of items I could have picked from Present and Correct, go and take a look. NOW.

7. Bear cushion from Robin & Mould £26 - It's a bear, and it's mustard, two of my favourite things. There are also hedgehogs, and foxes, and cats...