That chubby little baby and his crossbow are back! Yes, Valentine's Day is almost upon us. Now, I'm not one of those super soppy types, I'm fully aware that it's a bit of a made up day, and I don't believe you should need an annual reminder to be affectionate and thoughtful to your loved ones, BUT it is just a little bit of fun. If you want to get involved, get involved, but if the thought makes you gag, then maybe it's not the occasion for you. Maybe you're lucky enough to have someone who showers you with gifts and affection all year round, but if you don't, it's not such a bad thing if they get a nudge every now and then. On that hugely romantic note, we've rounded up some of our favourite Valentine's gifts for both him and her.


1. Craft beer box, £22 - Not the most original present, but probably very appreciated.

2. Quest mini DAB radio & alarm £55 - Looks good, and it gets him up in the morning? You can also unplug it and use batteries if you need to take it on-the-move.

3. Eliza Southwood Tactics print £75 - For the cycling lover in your life.

4. Timex Originals in Grey £59.99 - This is just one of many favourites from the Timex Originals range.

5. Harris Tweed x ASOS wallet £14 - I adore the Harris Tweed x ASOS collection (must be the country girl in me), go and take a look if you haven't already.

6. Blue YEAH! Print £18 - How Kapow have a great selection of bright typography prints, this is a bit of a favourite.

7. Paul Smith scarf £69 - Okay so £69 is quite a lot for a scarf, but it's a pretty timeless design, and we all deserve a little bit of luxury now and then...

8. Retro desk calendar £32 - I've got a minor obsession with rolling clocks/calendars, we have a 1950s one in silver that makes makes me feel like Joan Holloway in Mad Men.

9. Nanoblock Empire State Building £25 - If you've an oversized child for a boyfriend (like I do) these are great gifts. They don't take over your living room like Lego can, and they're much cheaper too.

10. Felt laptop case £11 - Perhaps not a romance fuelled purchase, but a practical one nonetheless. I have it and I love it, just in case you needed a testimonial.


1. & Other Stories Scarf £19 - A scarf that looks like an old TV screen? I think that's what every lady wants.

2. Seb Lester Print £75 - Because we're all mad for a bit of foil-blocking aren't we?

3. Arrow grips £12 - A pair of Cupid's arrows for your tresses.

4. Cut-out gold heart £15 - It wouldn't be Valentine's without some sort of heart...

5. Silver Karma Circle bracelet £15 - This pretty little bracelet is ideal every day wear.

6. Silver & Gold Cosmic Studs £18 - If perhaps you're looking for more of a statement item...

7. Sparrow & Wolf notebooks £10 - Because I'm yet to meet a girl who doesn't love great stationary

8. Whistles Rivington bag £80 - Yes, please. 

9. Rifle Paper City Coasters £13.50 - Too pretty for coasters, these would get framed and go on my wall.

10. Anthropologie candles £20 - As far as I'm concerned, a nice smelling, nice looking candle will always be well received. And this one doubles as a trinket box when it's burnt through. Win. Win.



  • Hi Penny,

    I wanted to send you a written thank you note but didn’t have an address, so by way of this message I would like to say a huge thank you for sending me the replacement earrings.

    I have happily received them and look forward to wearing them as they are so lovely.

    Kind regards

    Lisa ??

    Lisa goodchild
  • Love all your jewellery ordered off you on Facebook and even the packaging is beautiful x

    Natalie carter

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