MOTHER'S DAY GIFT GUIDE March 05 2015, 0 Comments

Unlike most made up holidays, I welcome Mother's Day with open arms. It means Spring has sprung (or is at least on the way) and it's a much needed reminder to show our our motherships just how appreciated they are. (I don't know about you but I'm definitely guilty of taking my ma for granted every now and then.) 

The problem is that every time I ask my mum what she wants for Christmas/Birthday/Mother's Day, I'm always met with the very sweet (if a tad sickly) answer 'nothing darling, I have everything I could possibly want'. Well that's lovely ma, but you are going to get a gift so it's better to be something you want, than something you don't. With that in mind we've rounded up some of our favourite gifts ideas for the mother who 'has everything'. 

Book something together. Whether it be a spa day, floristry class, gin-tasting or afternoon tea. Mother's Day is about showing your mum you care, so whilst gifts are lovely, I can't help but feel that sending a bouquet when you've not seen your mum for months, might be missing the point. Go on, make her day. (It's ideal if you've lots of siblings too as you can share the cost and you all get time together as a faaaamily.)

1. Afternoon Tea at The Hilton, 2. Gin tasting, 3. Bath Thermae Spa

I love getting flowers, I know many consider it an unimaginative present, but we're not necessarily talking petrol station carnations here. There are some incredible florists who create the most beautiful bouquets. (Just look at Swallows and Damsons Instagram feed if you need convincing.) You can create a really personal bouquet, using your mum's favourite blooms, colours and scents. Pay a visit to your local independent florist and get creative.

4. Augustus Bloom, 5. Lily Violet May, 6. Swallow and Damsons

Jewellery - And no, I don't mean a 'world's best mum' pendant from the Elizabeth Duke counter. But something with sentiment, and I don't believe this necessarily needs to be inscribed on the item. Think about adding your own bespoke gift card with a favourite quote that really means something. Try using a favourite book as a starting point, one of my ma's favourite is Little Women and Good Reads has 100s of quotes to choose from... If you order gift-wrapping from us, you can leave a note at the checkout and we'll hand-write it on a gift tag. You can also send the gift direct to your loved one.

7. Crackle glaze earrings, 8. Moon & star necklace, 9. Leaf slides

Trying to find a card that's the right amount of funny (without being offensive, Ma doesn't appreciate offensive humour) and still satisfies my need for something that looks good, can be a challenge. I'll be picking up a Mothership card, because I call mine that, it has cute UFO's on, and it's resisted the temptation to use the phrase 'out of this world'. #winwin

10. Favourite Child - Heidi Nicole, 11. Mothership - Stormy Knight, 12. Congrats - Veronica Dearly