I've been working for myself for just over a month now, so it seemed like a good time to let you know how it's going.

My biggest worry was that I'd be bored and lonely. I've always been pretty content in my own company, but that was when time on my own was relatively rare. Suddenly I have all day to over-think everything, and there's no one around to talk me out of my crazy ideas (jewellery for cats anyone?). Although I'm reluctant to make a definitive verdict on this after such a short time, so far... *whispers*, I'm fine. (And that's not a high-pitched, Ross from Friends fine.)

I'm sure the changing seasons have helped, longer days and brighter mornings are much more motivating. There's definitely still the novelty element too, being able to do lunchtime yoga classes, and picking up food from the bakery and green grocers that were always closed by the time I came home from work.

It's hard not to get a bit mushy and sentimental about it all, but I'm just incredibly happy and content. I don't think I have one tiny regret about quitting my job (not yet anyway). I'm very conscious that this blog post could sound a bit smug, which isn't my intention at all, I'm just aware that some of my other Business Time posts are a bit 'work hard, be disciplined' etc. and that I should really write about the best bits of having your own business too, (because it is AWESOME). Par exemple; On Friday the weather was so nice that I left my desk at 2pm and went to B&Q to buy plants for the garden, (I'll just make up the time on Saturday when the weather isn't so good). And on Thursday I met a friend for lunch in the park because I CAN, (okay, now I sound smug) but I don't want to take these things for granted.

It's the change to my lifestyle that has been the most satisfying, all these things have improved since going freelance:

  • Diet: I eat much more fresh food because I stop by the green grocers on the way back from the Post Office. Bye bye greasy convenience lunches, hello avocado.
  • Fitness: Okay, not drastically, but I can go to the gym whenever I like, and fit in daytime classes too. I definitely yoga a lot more, still working on the running....
  • Spending: When you're solely responsible for every £ that goes in or out, your purchases are far more considered, no more tat.
  • Mood: No laughing! But I think I'm nicer to be around, I'm less ratty, and working alone makes you appreciate time with friends more.
  • Sleep: Working two jobs meant I had so much running through your head all the time that it's hard to switch off. I get up earlier now then I did when I worked, but I'm well rested and can't wait to start the day.

The best thing about all of this is, I made those things happen! Sometimes I forget that, and I just feel really lucky, but it's not just luck; I worked evenings, I spent my own cash setting things up and I made it happen. I've never felt like it was acceptable to publicly say you were proud of yourself, but between you and me, I am a little bit proud of myself. (Don't hate me)

*Fingers crossed this all keeps going well and I'm not at the job centre in 3 months time, because then this post will be an uncomfortable read.

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  • Hugely inspiring!! I wish I had the courage and artistic flare to do something so satisfying and creative xx


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