I'm trying to avoid the 'September is here, Autumn's arrived' angle on this post, but as lots of you already know, the shorter grey days can make photography really tricky, (unless you have your own photography studio set up!) I found this particularly difficult when I worked full time, because evenings were my Little Nell time, but trying to photograph dainty jewellery past 5pm in November is all but impossible. It was then that I made the very sensible decision to invest in some lighting, I didn't want anything too expensive or bulky, and after a little research, someone recommended these lights from Amazon. They had good reviews, and for only £60 I thought they were worth trying. (Not being a photography expert, I didn't want to spend a fortune on lights I didn't know how to use.)

They've been pretty indispensable since, they fold down to almost nothing, so are easy to store when they aren't in use, but now I use them almost daily with a corner of the attic becoming my pop-up studio. They're great for social media photos as they just look so much more consistent which was something I really struggled with before. Having a dedicated space for photography makes sure that I'm posting pictures daily, and it's helped me be a little more playful with the styling. The set up is made from a couple of white ikea shelves, and in the leather suitcase underneath I keep a selection of props, fabric and coloured wrapping paper to use as backgrounds when things need brightening up. It means I'm posting a lot more of my jewellery on social media as in the past it's been a little neglected. (It seems taking photos of my travels, outfits and the cat required a lot less consideration and I didn't want to spam my feed repeating the same old self-promoting product photography.) I try to make sure our products feature in 1 in every 3 photos (roughly) but rather than just having flat lay product shots, I'm trying to incorporate it into the style photos too so customers can see how things look on, as well as neatly laid out on a shelf.

I've set myself the target of taking one photo a day, most of which are posted on instagram, but I've also got some backed up to post when I'm away from the office, or having one of those days that's so hectic taking carefully styled instagram photos is the last thing on your to do list. I'd love to see your home studio set ups and prop collections. Mine is primarily vintage books, brass trinket boxes and tiny glass bottles....

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