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The EVERYDAY Collection

The EVERYDAY Collection

Find out why our Everyday Collection is our best value jewellery. (And an essential for all lazy girls)

Our Everyday Collection is designed exactly for that, EVERY. DAY. We're always telling you to look after your jewellery, keep it away from liquids, box or bag it when you're not wearing, and make sure those necklaces are closed and separated to avoid any knots! But these are pieces you can be lazy with. Leave it on in the shower? NO BOTHER. Accidentally slept in your hoops? DON'T WORRY!

All items in this range are created for you to forget about, they're low maintenance and give you the maximum value for money. Here's why they're so great.

  • Waterproof - Whilst we'd never recommend wearing jewellery in the shower, it's totally okay if you do with these.
  • Sensitive - They're made on a hypo-allergenic stainless steel base metal, so it won't irritate or itch.
  • Durable - Made to last, these are strong pieces. I love sterling silver, but it's soft by nature which means the studs can bend. These won't.
  • Won't Tarnish - Most metals tarnish over time, it's normal and why looking after them is so important, but these pieces won't.

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